Monday, May 21, 2007

The Catch

Spinning a web.
Contemplating the fall.
Careful manipulation.
Intricate details filled in.
The perfect catch.
No place for flaw.
A sure catch.

Arid breath,
Bitter poisonous spit,
Hungry palates waited,
Sitting in its perfect sticky lure.
A brash silence.
A disturbing disquiet.
Commotion .
A prey.
The seduction complete.
Strangled by the viscid web.
Placidly she approaches like a messiah.
To put away the pain.
Keeping the circle of life alive.
Mouth drooling.
Moving swiftly…
Sniffing her prey’s scent.
Closing in…
Fangs sink in.
Relishing the first taste of blood.
Paralyzing her prey.
Its eyes watch with dread,
As she slowly devours the body.
The eyes are still, alive and watching.
She reaches the heart in her frenzy of greed.
Its eye closes.
She savors it slowly.
Completely dead at last.
The last of the heart had been devoured.

- 8 / 10 / 2006

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