Sunday, May 20, 2007


All alone in a stainless steel sterile lab.
Her body naked she crouched near the ice cold metal wall.
The white light blinding.
The disinfectant making her head swim.
Once in a while someone came in and looked at her curiously;
Mocking her nakedness and making important notes in their enormous books.
This must be an observatory.
These people must be the righteous ones.
They all wore clothes.
She looked around and saw other naked insects shivering along with her.
She must have been brought here to be dissected, physically and mentally, to rid the sickness of her.
They spoke soft morale words of silicon nectar.
Making her understand that she had to be secluded and catalogued because of her abnormality.
They injected ‘correctness’ with long raw needles every twenty minutes.
These were procedures that were required to make the world perfectly spotless and uniform.
These supreme creatures were privileged with metal hearts and they did only what they were programmed for.
They knew everything, they even ate at gods table.
These missionaries knew how to harness a free spirit,
Her crude originality made her more untame than many,
A maximum term of 6 months was needed to cure her.
Soon she would be clothed in rubber and anointed with a metal heart and a plastic moral soul.

- 15 / 9 / 2006

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