Monday, May 21, 2007

Eternal Existence

At the beginning of time.
When everything was created.
Made to exist for an eternity.
Changing shape and form as endless ages pass.
We were the greatest once.
But time moved.
Bringing with it erosion.
Like a vast sea eating away the shore.
Change was the bride of existence.
Together we moved with her.
Time grew faster and days grew shorter.
An erratic frenzy took hold.
Stripping earth from all her richness.
Raping her supreme goodness.
Then my existence changed.
I was chosen to enter life.
A sperm, an ovum, a fusion.
In her warm womb I was filled with the purest of innocence.
Her heart beat a lullaby that nursed me into the deepest of slumbers.
This was paradise like I had never felt before.
Suddenly my peaceful shelter turned into hell.
It moved in madness to spit me out.
I felt fear.
At last I was pushed out.
Crying in anguish.
A cold air enveloped me.
Rough hands brutalized my body.
They handed my shivering body to her.
Her arms were warmer than wombs.
Her bosom the softest.
Her sublime love binding me to her forever.
I had been scooped out of her very being.
This new essence of life was beautiful.
A divine existence.
Days pass and my life grows old.
My breath stops and I die.
But we still exist.
We shall evolve forever.
Eternity is endless so are we.

- 11 / 10 / 2006

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