Friday, May 18, 2007

Unseen Guardians

A power so supreme has chosen me.
Encompassing me with a profound love.
Forever promising never to orphan.
I search often for his abode,
But he seems all pervasive; uncontained by form or religion.
None brought me up,
It was only me and my unseen father.
He tamed me in my wildness.
Protecting me so tenderly.
Fulfilling even the most trivial of hearts cravings.
Mending and healing me slowly.
Blessing me with the best of things.
Teaching me with the best and the worst of experiences.
Like a father guiding my flattering feet.
Scaring me to obtain greater wisdom.
Elevating me to great spiritual levels.
Pouring unrestrained knowledge into me.
Humbling me with falls.
Making me the best perfect imperfection.
Building me into a mighty being.
I am being bred by the greatest of greats.
May I finish the purpose for which I was nurtured.

- 16 / 6 / 2006

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