Thursday, May 17, 2007


You may never agree with me,
You may never comprehend a nobody like me,
After all who will stop to hear a nobody’s thought.

Quiet a perplexing line of thought to start a poesy,
Seemingly unchallenging to the intellect of man.

My bewildering incomprehensiveness is quiet comprehensive.
Who would care to hear a nobody’s thought ?
Care or not, I shall rave to the unseen.
Its quiet hard to suppress my train of thoughts .
The more I do, the more rigorous they are to burst out.

You might call me a rebel.
But I find immense pleasure in being the non-conformist I am.
Now let me have my say.

Things that fascinate most people holds not an ounce of ecstasy to me.
Yet things dry, dull and ordinary seem spell binding due to a simple beauty I witness in them.
Seasons winter and rain seems unappealing to most, yet to me their magic and mystery drives me to another level.
Those that are different from the masses seem to have substance and core often displaying profound gestures of deep understanding, wisdom and beauty.
Morning and night recurs everyday.
Mornings so bright, like a sterile clinic, makes me feel like an insect held out for observation and dissection.
But the humble nights are always abundant with their hiding places.
A haven I find in the bizarre darkness .
My imagination always a thousand times higher under her confines.
A perfect time to explore the unknown.

My nomadic thoughts come to an end here.
Would you still call me a nobody ?

- 3 / 4 / 2006

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