Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Rude Awakening

A multitude of footprints traced in the sand.
Beautiful shells strewn over the glistering sun baked beach.
Happy faces milling about.
Some remained silent and thoughtful contrasting amongst the illuminated faces.
Vendors desperate to sell pester.
The sea soft and soothing, welcoming with open arms, its horizons stretching.
The clear print of a dogs paw embedded in the wet sand I notice.
My mind floating in light bliss; I follow its prints, my eye fascinated by its clarity.
“ Look “, a shriek resounded.
There my dog lay shifting uneasily on the waves.
His body deformed and bloated,
Eye missing,
Froth from his mouth,
Flesh decaying.
Many a visitors frequented his watery grave.
His fellow companions stopped by him regularly debating a possible resurrection.
But he lay silent, unfeeling to the waves that beat his battered body.
Was he intoxicated by death or was he in pain; The decay disguising any expression.
His death a rude beauty awakening the senses.
Nothing mattered now; He had trodden into the next world, where peace he shall attain.

-2 / 2 / 2006

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