Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A known nothingness called life

Life a dumb nothingness we are forced to live.
Sentiments and pretensions important lessons to master.

My life,

An act of copulation the reason for my creation. Somebody else could have had the opportunity to fuse leaving me happy in a state of non-existence. A destination of god I couldn’t have refused.
Childhood passed in a daze of happiness and abuse. Many a lessons I learnt, many a disappointments I faced, many a hopes were shattered.
Adolescence a complex stage, complicated further by unwanted negativity. Life I lead in a state of trance and frivolous seclusion.
My youth I trend with uncertainty. Many a ideas form, many a times I rebel, an enigma I appear to outsiders.
Soon I would marry the random man and multiply for a cause. My tender offspring’s I eagerly look forward to seeing.
The age of parenthood would pass in conflict and happiness. Many a things would be taught and characters we will help to form.
Old age will settle, leaving the mind stale and blank with many a wisdom and illness gained, anticipating death.
The end will dawn, Death will devour our worn out bodies with a gaping mouth or prolong an existence of agony and dependence.

I ask, Is this all life is about ? Yes, comes the empty answer, I always wondered, Why all the pomp about life for an existence that’s so simple and predictable .

The world a dolls house and we living puppets in the hands of god.
Fate, A supreme force that governs our movements .
Destiny, An agenda we play with no freedom of choice.
A more worthless existence than life could never threaten our spineless being.

-2 / 2/ 2006

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