Friday, February 9, 2007

Strains of melancholic loneliness

When did I sink into this huge vacuum of loneliness? I who was so happy and gay in times past.
Why this heavy feeling of rejection prevails? I barely understand.
Why do I feel so empty and lifeless in this world full of bright colors and voices?
Why can’t I find the one companion I am desperately looking for?
Is it so difficult to find a soul to merge with? Would my life be spent without finding the one island I seek to surface on?
Was I punished when the creator made me different from the replica’s in this vain world?

My mind bursts without a soul to speak to, how long do I conceal my ideas within?
Am I afraid of being mocked? No, I just find the world outside undeserving.
Am I fed up with the world? No, I just wish I wasn't created so alien.
Alas! I have began to detest the void of my heart, with no choice I turn to the world .

But you Oh! Loneliness wouldn’t let me go, Have I become your favorite disciple? Why do you suffocate me with your shroud of silence? You shall find many others to consume and ensnare in your trap.
I once liked the seclusive tomb you offered, but now it stifles me.
My heart seeks to repeal you but you seem bound to me by an unsealed bond.
Why do you haunt the nothingness of my life and remind me of your peaceful embrace when I try to break free from your clasp.

Oh! Loneliness, let go of me, haven’t I suffered enough, I wish to mingle with the world outside wearing a golden mask of pretension.

- 16 / 1 / 2006

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