Friday, February 9, 2007

A Medley of Disparate Thoughts

It can be surprising how friends estimate their loyalties to be higher than the other; an interesting phenomena with no logical explanation known to so limited a brain.
A contradiction necessary, since misunderstanding prevails, my case presented and argued I shall return to normality.
My friend I hold precious to my heart, though she might not know, my shell exterior to be blamed I declare.
Her beauty and brains scare me not, since I place her not on a pedestal, I see her just as she is; a rare occurrence, an attribution to my sense of reality I gather.
Her negatives and positives hold a reason to my ever searching eyes. A negative might seem disadvantages in so perfect a creation, but I understand the reason and effect.
Many friends close to my heart I hold, but only in the most closest I connect inspite of the complexities she holds, not everything do I understand, Can dust and bones dwell in depth into the intricacies of the created?
I see several who admire or bewilder over the peculiar shines of a gem, but to me its the same old gem which needs a lot of protection in spite of its self exalting nature.
Her deliberate phases of madness were ignored and I stood in waiting for her old self to resume, a self I liked so much because of the solace and understanding they offered.
Was it a mistake of mine to have expected complete understanding after revealing half my self? Explanations I considered unnecessary crediting high mind powers.

What is said and done bears no significance, what matters is the diverse feelings of the heart which shall remain unchanged forever, if not in life; in memory, because of a connection we hold buried deep in our hearts.
Do you see my friend, this is reality, this is life, this what I am, this is what you are, this is what our friendship means; heartfelt, simple, unpretentious and real and that is all that matters in this puzzling world.

- 20 / 6 / 2006

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