Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bang Bang

I am dead.
Dead again in this dreary world.
Bang! Bang! Been shot by a friend who I held highest.
Bang! Bang! Been shot by a mother I loved dearly.
Bang! Bang! Been shot by a father I never knew.
I am dead again. Dead again.
Should have predicted all this happiness was just a sham.
The creator giving everything and pulling them all in a single blow.
Stripped and lonely, shivering to my very bone, no one to shelter me.
I died again.
Oh why, oh why all this pain.
Am I the worst of the worst sinners?
Maybe I was just terribly undeserving.
Driven back to my own empty space with whips.
I shall never venture out of my cursed domain.
Never did I belong.
Never was I welcomed.
They all shot me, they did, they all did.
Till the little life I had, drained away.

Good-bye my beautiful world, goodbye.
The darkness invites me, new dimensions I seek.
I am dead at last.
Fully dead.
Finally dead.

- 6 / 7 / 2006

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