Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Buried Alive

Days stretch long and dry…
The sun scorching the parched earth,
Dullness and monotony affects the mind,
Lifeless corpse like figures walk around in similarity.
Those close to hearts leave,
The distance an evil forbidding the old bond.
Those who live in hearts alone survive the test of time.
Stillness and languidity spreading like a plague.
Fear settles in,
Is this what we were deemed to do?
Repeat the repeated repetition forever,
When will we dare to be different and break free? or have we learnt to love this
Barren and empty time seems like an eternal ocean….
How I wish I could trade this nothingness for something, anything….
Oh! Rain, come, come to save.

- 22 / 2 / 2006

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