Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Cycle of Fate

A traumatized childhood,
A love sick adolescence,
An arranged marriage,
A separation of infidelity left her alone,
Love still prevailed until death grasped him away,
Her baby with her she fought life.

A strange lump found,
Fear tormented her,
The result anxiously she expected,
Surely god wouldn’t punish her more than he already had? He would, it was cancer they told.
Shocked she fell to the floor,
Revived in minutes,
She walked home in a daze,
The last stage she trod,
Hope they didn’t waste on her,
Death at wake in a few months,
Her girl all alone in the world she would leave,
Guard her and pray she would from heaven,
But could she trust god?
He always rewarded her trust with a severe punishment,
Did he have untold wrath and ire against her?

The mahogany door before her, she taps.
A happy face peeps through the window and tiny feet rush to welcome,
She holds her baby close,
She would teach her girl to battle life, till fate calls.

-1 / 2 / 2006

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